Dentro lo sguardo - il codice

Leonardo da Vinci is known as the ultimate embodiment of Renaissance Italian talent: painter, engineer, scholar, scientist, scenographer, anatomist....

He let his inspiration manifest itself in an incredible variety of artistic forms, always with excellent results. This essay focuses on some of his most famous paintings to study the subliminal messages that Leonardo is said to have spread in his works, but which can only be understood after identifying the keys of interpretation that transcend a first "superficial" analysis.

With critical acuity and a sensational capacity for intuition, the author guides us on a journey through words and images to discover the secrets hidden behind the masterpieces of one of humanity's greatest geniuses. 

Moreover, the sensational discovery of the correlation between one of Leonardo's drawings and the Last Supper makes Giuseppe Petix's essay a true revelation in terms of research.

From this analysis it is clear that the hidden message in this drawing is precisely an image that guides us towards the understanding of the hidden messages in the Milan fresco, as if Leonardo himself wanted to guide the observer towards the discovery of his code, clearly revealed by the author in this exciting and impressive work of non-fiction.

SempreAldo Giordano