Elianda was self-published for the first time in Italian in 2015, reaching, after just a few weeks, the top of the online sales charts, and garnering appreciation from critics and audiences alike.

Elianda is an erotic noir novel written to pay homage to female beauty and the many interpretations of art. Each encounter presents a variety of questions that only time can answer.

Elianda is a strong and brave woman, capable of anything necessary to protect her art and her values. Lionel is an art critic, a careful observer of the world around him, but afraid of the possibility of falling in love. Elianda sweeps him into the vortex of passion and eros, showing him a way unknown to him, that of instinct. All this is lived through a captivating noir, in which the decoding of some messages in a painting seems to be the key to everything.

It is an enveloping love story that leads the reader to fall in love with love.

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SempreAldo Giordano