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Giuseppe Petix


Giuseppe Petix is an independent art history scholar, painter, ceramist, poet, lyricist, and author of multiple different genres of books.  He reached international fame with his essay, "Dentro lo sguardo - il codice" (first edition 2014) in which he outlined a highly original method of interpreting the paintings of Maestro Leonardo da Vinci, specifically investigating the hidden meanings of works such as "Saint John the Baptist", "Last Supper", "Adoration of the Magi," and others. Presented at the International Frankfurt book fair, the Rome book fair, EXPO 2015 in Milan, the New York fair, and the prestigious Fordham University of New York in Manhattan, Petix's essay has become the object of cultural disquisitions in international circles as well as generated new hypotheses regarding the genius of Leonardo da Vinci. For his numerous accomplishments, Petix was awarded the title of "Benemerito della Cultura italiana nel mondo" (Merit of Italian Culture in the World) by the "Accademia Internazionale degli Empedoclei" of Agrigento, Sicily.  After marrying his wife Daniela, Petix moved to the United States and now lives and continues to conduct research and write in New York City.

The book "Elianda" was self-published for the first time in Italian in 2015, reaching, after just a few weeks, the top of the online sales charts, and garnering appreciation from critics and audiences alike.

The Author’s other publications include: "I sensi dell'Amore", a collection of poems; "Contenersi", written in two hands with his brother Rosario; "Essere Umano", a science fiction story; "La Parola e Il Silenzio", an essay on Leopardi's poem “l’Infinito” and its interpretations; and "C'è ancora una volta", a collection of fairy tales.

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